Artificial Intelligence.
Applied to Claims. is a Silicon Valley-based startup with unparalleled expertise in transforming insurance claims data into actionable subrogation knowledge. The company helps P&C insurers achieve highly impactful business outcomes in claims; like faster processing, lower loss adjustment expenses minimized losses, and superior customer experience through data-driven predictive insights. With the power of pre-packaged, cloud-based AI and ML solutions brings faster time-to-market and low incubation cost advantages to insurers.

We are..

about InsurAnalytics, Company

A Data Orchestrator

We have deep expertise in the science of fusing disparate data silos and leveraging both structured & unstructured data that delivers cutting-edge insights to our customers.

about InsurAnalytics, Company

A Process Catalyst

We construct augmented intelligence for various stages in the claims process to enable faster and more accurate decision making.

about InsurAnalytics, Company

An Outcomes Accelerator

We help our customers achieve highly impactful business outcomes like faster settlements, lower expenses and losses, and superior customer experience through the use of data-driven insights.

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