Our Engagement Model

Seamless. Streamlined. Successful.

Sign Up. Fine Tune. Act.

Get going…it’s that simple.

1. Sign Up

Our sign-up process is simple. We have a small initial setup fee and then fee per claim pricing model. Talk to us and we’ll get you started.

2. Set Up

We’ll setup access for you in our private secure cloud environment and do a one-time connect to your claims data.

3. Fine Tune

Our pre-trained neural networks learn the idiosyncrasies of your claims data, so the predictions are more accurate for your business.

4. Connect

Use our secured APIs to start receiving predictions and scores for your claims. API connection instructions are provided by us.

5. Analyze

Login to our secured portal to gain even more insights about your claims.

6. Act

Armed with the new knowledge, take definitive actions to settle claims faster.

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