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Insurance Analytics Cloud

Predictive Claims Intelligence is powered by our Insurance Analytics Cloud, a unified AI-enabled claims data analytics platform: harmonizes, fuses, and standardizes data, delivering impactful actionable insights. Intelligent fusion of enterprise data and harmonization lets you focus on your core competencies of claims adjudication.

Our platform enables seamless fusion of the right data together, in time and context. With capabilities like pre-built data pipes, Industry-specific algorithms, data models, and pre-built metrics, the platform accelerates your journey towards operationalizing the insights.

Turn What-Ifs into Realities

What if you could manage, analyze, and turn massive volumes of data into valuable and actionable insights to sustain your innovation and maintain competitiveness?

What if you had insight into insurance’s toughest challenges?

What if you could make better claims decisions early, ultimately bringing more accurate and faster settlements?

Insurance Analytics Cloud provides

  • Enterprise-wide standardized insurance data model for Analytics
  • Extensible and Flexible Framework to integrate policy, claims and customer data sources
  • Pre-built key insurance metrics and algorithms including key ratios (Loss, expense and combined ratios)
  • Scalable data architecture that ensures accessibility for traditional analytics and predictive modeling for Actuaries, Underwriting and Claims Analysts
  • Pre-built, pre-trained machine learning models for claims, customer and underwriting

Highly Flexible Accelerators


Highly extensible data ingestion, curation and insights framework.


Our configurable business rules engine enables customizable data curation based on business need.


Curates and harmonizes disparate forms of data into a uniformed view for better and faster consumption.

Intelligent Fusion

Our AI based approach enables quick and smart fusion all the data silos together.


Industry standard data model to ensure consistency and completeness.

Pre-Built Metrics

Key ratios and metrics are pre-built with ability to configure without expensive customizations.

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Your customers are talking everywhere — responding to a survey, commenting to a contact center agent, etc. Many insurance companies have turned to speech analytics to provide better customer service, reduce costs, and grow their business through new products and services. Despite the excitement surrounding it, Speech Analytics isn’t always correctly understood or implemented.
Read this paper to understand what insurance companies should look for in a speech analytics solution and calculate the ROI on these initiatives.

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