The IASIU 2019 Seminar & Expo

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, The IASIU 2019 Seminar & Expo

Date: September 8th – 11th, 2019

Event Link:

Venue: Arizona Grand | Phoenix, Arizona

Let’s Meet At Booth No. 229

We’re excited to be at the IASIU 2019 Seminar & Expo on Insurance Fraud at Arizona. Between September 8th to 11th, we’ll discuss how AI helps in advanced fraud detections.

This year, the 35th edition of the IASIU Annual Seminar is assembling SIU professionals leading the detection, investigation, and prevention of frauds in insurance.

Meet us at Booth no. 229 as we showcase how Claims AI Cloud leverages deep learning, for pattern recognition and fraud detections, enabling early investigation and better SIU results.

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